Dangerous D

Dangerous no more


After D drank from the sipping sine of sourness his powers are wearing out. Magical M has disappeared without a trace. Will D keep his powers? Will he find his parents?

The start:

D just hopped, hopped and hopped. He didn’t care. He didn’t feel angry. He didn’t feel sad. He didn’t feel anything. He just hopped and hopped. He eventually made it to the Dan Cave. He sat on his dr chair on the Oomputer. He found all of the other pictures from how they first united to the last photo of him and M.

Rumble! Roar!

“Cray!” D muttered. He raced to the surface and spotted cray tearing the city apart. Come and get me Dangerous D.!! Use your pathetic powers against me. Oh no you don’t have you? D was getting red. Hot red! But at the same time, he didn’t feel anything. He didn’t do anything, he didn’t care. “No thanks.” He speaks and he just strolled back into his cave. “Bye.”

What? The giant roared. What did you say?

“You heard me. Do you what you want. I. Don’t. Care! OK.”

Well you’re toughy

“Oh stop your stupid sarcastic words!” D moaned. “You’re a magical moron!”

Sorry the monster wherped then he left.

Many days later D found a chest, a golden chest! That held an emerald. D threw it and when it broke he ended up in a black void.

“Dad!” a man said.