Friday 15th – the best day of my life

I felt lots of mixed emotions. Today was the day. The day our first foster child came to stay. My stomach churned. “Hurry up!” I heard my mum call. I ran over to Mum. She had set out all of the things I needed to make a banner – paint, pens, lots of paper and stickers. A few hours later I declared I was finished. Afterwards I taped string on each end of the banner. I made my way upstairs and hung the banner up in the doorway of her room. The noise of a knock on the door made me jump a mile. This was it!

The noise of the opening door was soon accompanied by 2 voices – a confident voice and a very shy voice; both, in unison saying hello. A shiver wriggled and rippled down my spine instantly making me freezing cold. I ran as fast as I could down the stairs and to the front porch. She had strips of frizzy hair dangled everywhere across her pale face. A shy smile painted across her face. Immediately I grabbed her hand and signalled for her to close her eyes. After she closed her wide and eager eyes I lead her straight onto the landing. She stumbled over each step. She gawped in awe. I suspected she spotted the banner. A grin spread from ear to ear on her freckly face. I knew although she was 3 years older than me we would be the best of friends.

5 years later …

We have been best friends ever since. Occasionally we have arguments, but that doesn’t stop us being BFFs (best friends forever). Lots of other foster kids have come in and out but that doesn’t break our friendship.


Displayed a real maturity and intelligence about emotions, as well as a vivid description of the foster child.

Livi Michael