My Head Teachers Award

Year 6 "HATED IT" Year 7 "DREADED IT" However my old teachers at primary, my new teachers at high school, my foster carers and social workers all helped me with my transition. I was given a certificate for my effort during transition. My first day at high school "SCARED" I needn't have been, everyone was kind and caring, even the children in the big classes. The six form students are very kind and helpful.

One day "HORROR" my fellow pupil in maths had not handed in his homework, he was given a second change, otherwise, "DETENTION".

I was doing my homework and going through my timetable with my foster carers when "SHOCK" I had my mate's maths homework in my bag. I felt "DREADFUL", my foster carers were very kind and reassured me and offered to send a letter into school.

I could not sleep, I felt so sorry that my mate might get a detention all because of me.

Next day my teacher reassured us both. I apologised to my fellow pupil who was very kind to me when previously he had not been so much.

The next think I knew I was given the Head Teacher's Award. I was the first pupil in Year 7. The Head Teacher's Award is given in accordance with 'Loving God' and caring for each other.

The award is given for settling in well, working well and completing all homework. It is also given for exceptional performance in academic acheivement or in contribution to whole school life.


Was really well written and convincing, with real emotions.

Frank Cottrell-Boyce