My life summed up

Once, when I was three, I looked after my mum, she came home and broke a glass. I screamed to my brother, "mummy's hands are bleeding come quick" and my brother came to help us and rang the ambulance. I sat there for hours crying because my mum had been taken away. Social workers were on our backs and have been ever since I was a baby. When I was four my mum made me a bacon sandwich, unfortunately it was raw and I started to cough, my brother could hear me choking and flew down the stairs like a falling ball, he saved my life. My mum had fallen off the toiley and was still sat there recovering from the shock.

The social worker made their move like a game of chess, they win and your life completely changes, I was taken into care when I was six.

I was moved on when I was seven as she couldn't cope with me because; "you're hard work" but also her mum had died. So I moved on to my second foster carers. I was still unable to walk or run by the age of seven but this carer was nice and tidied up the little things of my life but not the big things, but I was happy that they have tried to help. They decided that they were moving to abroad and I was moved on once again.

So the final move in the game of chess is played and I win. I was moved into my current foster carer's home when I was eight years old and here I will stay. They are amazing and have changed my life completely fixing every broken piece or every shattered piece inside me, given me so much love, welcomed me into their hom and made me part of the family. I have now been here for eight years and I am now a young woman with a lot in front of me.

High school is  another story for another day as I hate it! I am so glad that I am in year 11 and that I can finally move on to college. I just keep thinking to keep my head down and get the best grades I can and it will be over and done with soon.

There is one thing I can say that I am proud of and that is to be known as [my new surname] and there is no changing that the old me [old surname] died eight years ago.