My story

When I was born I had a normal life everything was great and I had a lot of fun with my mum and sister.   When I was 9 my sister and brother was born my mum couldn't cope with 4 children so she got ill and didn't care as much.  So I looked after my 2 siblings and it was really good for a while but it affected my time in school and my social life … I got bullied and abused!

When I was 14 social services got involved in my life and took me from school in to care!  It was a very emotional time for me as I got taken away from my siblings.   I felt lost and alone and I missed them so much,  but being in care has helped me gain confidence in myself and to achieve my goals in college.   Now that I am 19 I have my own place independently and I am happy.   So thank you so much to the people who have supported me through my time being in care you have helped me be the person in am today!


This author tells their story briefly and simply but that is very powerful and effective. Clearly we have a remarkably strong and resilient young person here and the reader quickly comes to feel for them and is left glad that they’re doing well.  Well done and best wishes. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing!

Tony Walsh