Short story 2017

I live with my foster carers. I’ve been living with them for 8 years. If i am there when i am 18 that means i’ve been living with them for 10 years which is a very long time in care. The things we do with each other are like were a little family and they make me happy.

The most best thing i’ve done with them is going on holiday to Majorca in April 2017. The reason of that is because the last holiday I went away with them was in 2009 when i was like 8/9. When we went to Majorca it was amazing because we had an all inclusive hotel. It was a 4 star hotel which was AMAZING. When we got to the hotel it was really posh with an amazing view of Majorca . The things we did were go to the pool side which there was a mini bar where you could get as many drinks as you wanted while sun baving , have lunch , dinner and breakfast in the restaurant when you can get as much as you wanted which was so amazing because I absolutely love food . IT WAS AN AMAZING HOLIDAY EVER !!!

I Am just now going to talk about me and what I am as a young teenage girl . Im 16 , ive got brown hair and brown eyes , iam 5ft 2 , my birthdays on the 17th June 2001 which means i’am a gemini . I study at ---- and I study Btec Vocational Studies which has got all sorts of subjects in like cooking , digital images , unit work , maths , english and PSD . I enjoy all of them with lovely staff that can help you if you're stuck with a certain thing .

My hobbies are watching TV , listening to music , go shopping with friends and going to the library . The music artists I like are J-Hus , Rihanna , Kid Ink , The Weeknd , Dj Khaled , Bryson Tiller . I just like R&B , Hip Hop and Pop music .

In my family i’ve got 5 brothers and 2 sisters, i’ve got a mum and dad, I love them all to pieces. When I see my mum for my contact only two brothers come because my other brothers are older and have girlfriends and jobs and they don’t have time and I don’t see my 2 sisters but I talk to them on Facebook and i’ve told them I  miss them to pieces and really want to see them and they say the same back which is lovely of them . I also spending time with my hero called my dad , we talk about what we both do when we don’t see each other and when I don’t behave my dad goes very mad and shouts at me when I aren't behaving but family is there to support you . I love my family to pieces . Finally in my spare time I enjoy going out with my friends #LETS PARTY WOOOO , talk to close friends and family on Facebook and Instagram , listen to music and watch films.

The End