Fostering in Stockport

You can foster in Stockport.

In Stockport there are many local children who are looking for a stable and loving home and we are particularly looking to recruit foster carers who are able to care for:

  • Brothers and sisters.
  • Older children and young people.
  • Children from BME communities in particular black children and increasingly those from new migrant communities.
  • Children that will be in foster care long term.
  • Children with additional needs. This might include challenging behaviour.

Stockport values the contribution of our foster carers, their family and friends and offers a generous support package. These include:

  • Generous financial allowance which will depend on the type of placements you have.
  • Comprehensive training programme including the ‘Skills to Foster’ course and ongoing professional development opportunities.
  • A qualified social worker specifically allocated to you who can meet with you regularly to give you a chance to talk any problems and share information about children in your care.
  • Support groups for you and your family.   
  • Membership to the Fostering Network which is a great resource for foster carers.

Our local foster carers give our children the opportunity to remain and live in the town they know best and allow them to attend their own school or college, other benefits of recruiting local fostering families for local children are:

  • Lower travelling distances, for example to school and meetings with birth families.
  • Links with Children’s Centres, schools and other professional services.
  • The benefits of your local authority’s knowledge and experience as our teams have often been working with the child’s families for a long time. Local authorities have a lot of important background knowledge which they can share with you. This also helps us to match children with the carers who are most suitable for them and their circumstances.

If you’d like to foster for Stockport, please complete this form and your enquiry will be emailed to the local authority you have selected.

The fostering team will be in touch to discuss your enquiry further and help guide you in your fostering journey.

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