Maya wants to be a vet…

She is an incredibly caring little girl who loves playing ‘mummy’ to animals and younger children. Her carers’ two dogs are her ‘babies’.

Maya is much quieter and more serious than her brother Zak and is doing very well at school. She plays the viola and is even learning to speak Polish! Drawing and crafty activities keep her entertained for hours. Many of her pictures are displayed proudly in her carers’ kitchen. She loves playing outside with her friends and we’ve heard she can ‘swim like a fish.’

Since being with her foster carers, Maya has really come out of her shell, becoming much more confident, trusting and outgoing. She saw a lot of things that children shouldn’t be exposed to whilst at home with her birth parents, and it has undoubtedly had an effect on her. But her carers, social worker and teachers are providing her with the positive support she needs.

Maya says that the best thing about being in foster care is: ‘Taking the pups for long walks then having stories and warm milk before bed.’

She wants to be a vet. Could you help a child like Maya fulfil their ambition?