Nichola and Gary have fostered babies and children

Nichola and Gary Wood, both aged 35, have been fostering for five years. Nichola said: "Our own children were growing but still felt we had more to give, plus my job at the time was a nursery assistant so I knew I loved that role of looking after children. I love watching them progress in confidence and self-esteem, and the feeling of pride when their relationship positively develops, it is such a rewarding role.

"We have cared for new born babies who have been withdrawing from drugs, children who have suffered neglect, physical abuse, and children with special and complex needs including foetal alcohol syndrome. All these have been challenging at times, but this has been overcome by the support of my social worker and the county council's fostering team who are always at the end of the phone.

"We both worked and were worried that this would be a barrier, but as long as you have flexibility with your work place it is not an issue. Also because we don’t drive, we thought this may have stopped us, but it just meant we used public transport for meetings, contact and any medical appointments.

"We have always had a very good relationship with birth families, this is evident in that the children we have looked after that have returned to their families keep in touch. Also the last little boy we fostered for over two years got adopted to a lovely family, who still keep in touch with us and we are invited to celebrate special times with them."