Olivia wants to be a chef...

Olivia is 8 years old and is a bubbly character who is always laughing and singing. Olivia’s foster carers describe her as “very bright, sweet and beautiful”. They add that Olivia has a good sense of humour and charms them with her funny little sayings. Olivia enjoys music, singing and dancing and since being in foster care is becoming much more confident in trying new things, she has developed an interest in cooking since being with her current carers and enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

Olivia experienced neglect when she lived with her birth family, some of this was due to her parent’s mild learning disabilities and substance misuse. When she first came into foster care, she was placed with her sister. However this did not suit Olivia who then went to live with her current foster carers where she has really blossomed. Olivia made good use of the individual love and attention that she’s received and likes to be close to her foster carers and will ask for lots of cuddles. 

Olivia can find it difficult to deal with frustration and can make rejecting comments. However, Olivia’s foster carers are able to manage these behaviours without too much difficulty.

Olivia enjoys school, her school report shows that she is thriving and with the continued praise and encouragement from her foster carers, she has the potential to really do well. She has lots of friends in school and is described as being “popular and chatty”.

Olivia is a healthy young girl, she eats well and enjoys most foods, especially cakes! Olivia loves baking with her foster carers and likes to share her cakes with others, she is now starting to try a variety of different recipes.