Susan fosters older children

‘I enjoy their company from just having a chat to taking part in activities together.’ Susan is in her late fifties and has been fostering for five years.

‘We were concerned that our religious beliefs would mean we wouldn’t be approved as foster carers, but thankfully this is not the case. Because we have been especially non-judgemental, patient and firm but kind, young people who have some behavioural problems have been able to thrive and be happy in our home. It is a safe calm place away from school which helps those who struggle there.’

Susan has had two sets of brothers and sisters living with her and now has three children who are unrelated, all who will be turning 14 this year. They are all with her on a long term basis.

‘I love children and young people. I enjoy caring for them and helping them. I love it when I can help them in any way, just being there when they need taking to hospital or the police station – basically doing whatever is needed. I also enjoy working with the professionals and other foster carers.’