Zak wants to be a superhero…

Zak is 6 and a real chatterbox and loves being around other people, especially playing outside. He’s a whizz on his bike and can do some ‘wicked’ tricks on his trampoline. Zak loves going to the soft play centre as a treat after school.

He has a sister, they adore each other and play together really well, but they are very different. They both suffered neglect at home due to their parent’s addictions, which meant they were unable to care for them safely. They came into care a couple of years ago and have been thriving with their current carers ever since. They will be staying with their carers until they’re grown up and will likely continue to have contact with their parents during school holidays.

Since being in foster care Zak has learnt to play brilliantly with other children and is able to do fun things like going to the caravan at weekends. Zak has some health needs, such as a speech impediment and is being assessed for potential ADHD, but they certainly don’t get in the way. He has lots of friends at school and his teachers are very fond of him. His carers say he’s a ‘110 mile-an-hour bundle of fun.’

When asked about being in foster care, Zak told us: ‘I’ve got so many people who love me now; to infinity and beyond! ’

He wants to be a superhero. Can you help him on his mission?

Could you help a child like Zak fulfil their ambition?