A story about how teenagers lives changed.

In the late 1400s in a parallel universe there was a war between demons and other supernatural creatures which lead to the mass killing of members each supernatural groups.

The leaders of each supernatural groups were forced to take away their powers and pass them on to the future generation and transporting them to  another parallel universe to save them.

With the help of guardians which acted as the parents of the future generation until the time was right for them to leave and let them do what they were born to do...

Will these teenagers be able to save the universe from destruction?

This story revolves around G and her friends who are on a quest for finding their dead friend, through out their adventure they discover that what they were looking for was the impossible


Why do I keep pushing away people that are trying to help me, never imagined that one day you'll be gone, I never meant to let you go but you left.

Today is a day that I will always remember , the day I lost a friend, brother, classmate, my everything...

Today marks a year of your death and I'm here at your grave; trying to believe you're listening and that you're right beside me.

The day you needed me the most was the day I pushed you too far...

I feel like I'm the main cause of you being gone.

I'm sorry I was not there for you.

Ever since H's death, I don't know who I am anymore, I've been trying to find myself for a year but still no sign of my old self.

Now, I just enjoy my own company, I don't want to get too attached to people because I might end up doing what I did to J.

Even going to school was a struggle because all I could remember was him.

His death was a shock to everyone and I could understand that I was part of it, he was diagnosed with a rare disease and I was unaware, he tried contacting me but I declined all calls because of a stupid misunderstanding we had.

He just vanished like wind and every time I close my eyes I feel his presence and it's not something I can hide, at times I think I see him, most people think I'm crazy.

I fake smiles and say I'm okay, but in reality I barely make it through the day...

Ever since he left, my old friends have been approaching me but I know it's just because of pity, especially P, the person I least expected to approach me.

He's so egoistic and proud but became nice to me and I can say we became "friends" again but he still treats everyone without respect.

I no longer have R who I've not spoken to for ages because she turned into a complete snob.

R and M became total strangers to me. Those are the only people I know I could turn to in this critical moment; even though I know it won't be like before when we were all friends and cared for each other.

But now we split unexpectedly.

Being away from school for a whole year and then returning: is the worst thing.

Mainly because people want to ask you how you feel, if you've been able to overcome the struggle, if you've forgotten about it, all not knowing that they're making you remember it all again.

(to be continued...)