Truck driver

Everyday I work delivering Halloween stuff to all around the country. All the warehouses and sometimes I dress up and scare people. I was driving up the motorway to London and my petrol light comes on all of a sudden my petrol goes. I had to pull over. I heard someone go into the back of the truck and I looked...

I saw a real clown in the back of a truck. I ran into the forest it was dark cold and I felt scared. I turned round and saw the clown running towards me with a chainsaw in his hand.

I thought he was going to cut me into pieces but he heard sirens of the police and then ran away deeper into the forest. The police arrived and I felt safe.

I walked over to the car and then stopped. My blood went cold. There were two clowns driving it. They jumped out and I hid behind a tree and they ran straight past me into the forest. I heard lots of shouting from the forest.

They came back with the other clown, put him in the boot of the police car and drove off.

I came out from behing the tree and couldn't believe what I saw. I walked to the motorway a police ar stopped and asked me what was wrong. Thank goodness it wasn't a clown. I told what had happened but he didn't believe me. I was glad to be alive.

When I am older I want to be a policeman. Delivering Halloween stuff if scary.