You Can Foster in Wakefield

Thank you for considering fostering in Wakefield.

Being a foster carer not only provides a temporary home for a child or young person, it’s also an important role which provides a child with love and stability at an important time in their lives.

Many of our foster carers say, although challenging at times, it is the most satisfying and worthwhile job they've ever done.

The benefit to the child is also immense. One former foster child said about his foster parents "They gave me the love that I never had. They treated me as part of the family, not as a looked after child.”

Wakefield Council provides full and ongoing support to all our foster carers right from the start including:

  • Comprehensive training programme and ongoing development opportunities. 
  • A social worker specifically allocated to you. You can expect to have regular meetings which are a chance for you to talk through any problems and share information about children in your care. 
  • Support groups for you and your family.
  • Competitive financial allowances

You will also benefit from our knowledge and experience as our teams have often been working with the children's families for a long time. We have a lot of important background knowledge which they can share with you. 

Finding the best possible match for both the child and your family. We work hard to identify areas like shared interests, pets and hobbies that will help build a bond and rapport between your family and the child. 

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