The wolf human

Someone or something was chasing me. I didn’t know who but I did know that whoever it was, was no friend. My breath was coming in short sharp gasps. Surely I was going to collapse with exhaustion, giving the wolf, I knew now it was a wolf, time to devour me. No! I had to keep going. Time was running out. I had no idea where I was going or why, however I did know my family depended on me. My sister. My mother. My father. Their faces flashed before my eyes as I thought about them. Suddenly my surroundings changed. I was in a forest. It was burning all around me. My parents were in front of me, whilst my sister was beside me. Then I saw my mother and father burst into flames, as this happened P appeared. P is a wolf with glowing red eyes and a massive attitude. He started taunting me calling me a coward. I ran and my sister followed until we reached a cliff. P was following us. Since, from my point of view, our only options were to jump of the cliff or to be captured by P, I jumped.

      “R. Wake up R”, my sister W, nudged me awake. I slowly sat up thinking of the dream I just had. It was the same as usual. Based on a real life experience, I was running from P, my ex best friend and my… No, I refused to think about it. Anyway my sister and I were the only ones in our pack to survive. To make matters worse we were wolves which meant it was agony to lose them. Let’s forget about that for now though and I’ll tell you a brief version of our story.

P and I had known each other since we were born because… well, you’ll find out later. One of the biggest things we had in common was that we both wanted to become human, although for completely different reasons. I wanted to become human for various reasons. I was fed up of being a hunter was the first reason. Secondly I had heard that humans could raise the dead. The third, I wanted to be able to do good by bringing about peace. The last reason was that I wanted to change people’s views on wolves. P on the other hand

wanted to become human because…Just then W knocked me out of my reverie, and reminded me that we were only a day’s run from the home of Bumblebee, the bubbly wizard. We set off. There was a long winding road before us. As we ambled along, it started to rain. We started to walk faster. My sister made a passing comment about how it couldn’t get any worse. I wasn’t so sure. A feeling of being watched had befallen me. I broke into a run. W followed me. All of a sudden what I had been sensing for the last hour or so became apparent. There was the sound of branches braking. W paused, sniffing the air. Orcs descended upon us. I froze, terrified. W on the other hand leapt forwards. My brave sister defended me. The orcs were carrying broad swords and poisoned daggers. What was worse was that they were silver, which is poisonous to us wolves. They were also astride mighty hyenas. Wolves and hyenas have been at war for years. My sister cried out, it pierced my heart. With my sister in danger, I ran at the orcs. I found my sister. She was dead. Since there was nothing left fighting for, I ran off. I vowed to make sure no one else met the same fate as my family.

     I had been running for an hour or more, before I came to a stop in front of a cottage. The door was ajar. I went in. someone came out of another room causing my hackles to rise. “Peace R” he spoke inside my mind. “I know why you have come. I will grant your request.” It was Bumblebee. With a flash, bang, pop I was human. I couldn’t help thinking it was rather anti-climactic. I started to thank him but he waved my thanks away.

   “You finally made it, my twin.” A voice behind me said. My blood ran cold. I slowly turned around. It was P and he was human.