Spooky attic

Hiya. I live in a large house with secret rooms. I am 11 years old and I am very inquisitive who likes to know more. When I go to sleep I hear bangs and drops and scrapes and sometimes blood piercing screams. The attic was very cobwebby and dark.

She lived with her two sisters and her parents. Their mother who was very fashionable and worked as a model. Their father was a mechanic who loved cars.

On the evening of Halloween she went up the stairs with weapons by herself because nobody believed her. As she crept up the stairs the noise got louder and LOUDER. BANG!

The metal bars COLLAPSED. Her parents ran up the stairs and found the 'IT' clowns costumes.

Dad came back from work and wondered where they were so he got her sisters and ran to the attic in his big black boots.

Dad got a hammer and went behind the wall and saw the costumes and found the bin and threw it in the trash.

They all thanked Super Dad!