Diana fosters babies and children

Diana was unable to have her own children but wanted some in her life. “Initially it was just having children around I found rewarding but as time has gone on I find myself wanting to gain insight into different ages and outcomes.”

Over the 9 years she’s been fostering Diana has cared for children between two weeks and 13 years old including many with additional needs and siblings who went on to be adopted. She’s dealt with all the challenges that fostering has come up through building relationships with other professionals in the children’s lives.

Diana had some preconceptions about being able to foster; “I’m a single woman with no birth children of my own. I was in my late forties and although I had a good job I’d never worked directly with children.”

“I remember the day I received the call offering my next placemen. I said yes and she arrived two hours later! She is now my beautiful seven year old daughter. She has overcome most of her problems now and I am so proud of her.”

Diana has also fostered children who have now been adopted. “I’ll never forget the day she walked into her new home with her Mummy and Daddy and her brother. She overcame all her health issues and is now with her new family and thriving. I am lucky that they keep in touch and I do believe I will see her again one day,”