Torment of Youth

Let us be us.

You think you know us? You don’t. You say... “We’ve been teenagers before” Seriously? Have you lived in today’s world? With stereotypical, negative attitudes. We all know when you see a group of young people in hoodies, you assume they’re bad news and up to no good. In reality they’re just a group of mates hanging out wearing today’s fashion. Yet again you think you know us, you don’t.


Why do you avoid it?

It’s perfectly normal to be different. In fact there is no normal we are all different but yet the same. A- Sexual, heterosexual, homosexual, bi- sexual, transgender what does that matter? We all bleed the same colour blood. Why should you treat people differently for their sexuality? You shouldn’t! Young people should be able to be open about their feelings, and not feel as though they’re doing anything wrong.

We understand parents might feel disappointed or scared for their child. But they need to understand we live in 2017 not the 1950’s. Gay is accepted now, stop living in the past. Fear that your child won’t become a parent?


The big one! Good bad or indifferent, it’s our choice. We appreciate you have our best interest at heart but; you can’t live our life’s. We may make the wrong choices sometimes but that’s our mistake to make. Being in a relationship is a sense of responsibility. Even if you feel the relationship is unhealthy you need to stand back and support us if or when things go wrong. Most parents make the mistake of getting to involved and end up pushing their child away, ruining a valuable relationship. Another example of you thinking you know best, you don’t!


Who gave you the right to choose our friends? We can’t choose our family but we can choose our friends. Although you might be right about bad influences, there will come a time in a friendship where we will realise they’re bad to be with.

However, you could be wrong! They might not be from the right side of the track but they could be a diamond in the rough, the light at the end of the tunnel, the rose amongst the thorns. Just because you don’t like where they come from doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. You don’t see the good things they do; you just focus on the bad. Give everyone a chance, you might be surprised.

As a parent we know you have a natural instinct to protect your child, but don’t wrap them up in cotton wool. The more mistakes made, the wiser they become. I completely agree with rules and boundaries as children need to be guided towards the right path. Teenagers will naturally start to rebel, but this is the time when a parent needs to realise that telling their children what to do and who to hang around with will make them rebel more. Just advise and support to make the right decision.

MONEY... is power!

This will make or break your child. Too much money = spoilt and inconsiderate children. Too little money = easy target.

It is so easy when you have money to give your child everything they want. You might think you’re making them happy but …..

  • No appreciation – if things come too easy, there is little or no value. Your child will move on to their next want, which you will be expected to fulfil.
  • Entitlement – what happens when you can’t afford to get them what they want? Are you a lousy parent or are they a spoilt child? When it comes to saying ‘No’ there is a big possibility your child will kick off, as they will not understand why.

It is so hard when money is tight and is spent on needs and not wants. Children have their own pressures to deal with, as well as parents. This is only because the bar is always set too high by the people who can afford the wants as well the needs. How does this affect you child?

  • Low self-esteem - individuals who believe they are worth less because they own less money and  valuable material goods.
  • Fitting in – they will  struggle with this as they feel the need to have the latest things and branded clothes just to make friends. No child should feel t his pressure! That’s another issue with today’s society. Children should be allowed to be just that, children. Think back to a time where a football made a child smile more than the latest Smartphone. 
  • Being a victim – children are cruel! Not to any fault of their own but as a result of poor parenting. This creates bullies, which creates a vicious cycle of victims and ultimately adds to an even worse society. When does it stop? How does it stop? The power is in your hands.

TORMENT OF YOUTH: Very powerful and original, this piece was impossible to put down. The format was unique and the content very strong, in parts angry and yet hugely insightful and revealing. The writer has a lot to give and a skill for communicating with creativity and flair. Please keep on writing!

Cathy Cassidy